Urban Rec Player Eligibility Policy

To be eligible to play with Urban Rec, all participants are responsible to ensure they are registered; have read, understood, and agreed to the Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk & Indemnity Agreement (The “Release” ), and have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the Urban Rec Code of Conduct for the current calendar year. They are also responsible to ensure they are apart of the roster for the team they are playing for. Furthermore, any disciplinary sanctions that have been levied must have fully run their course or application for re-instatement have been submitted and approved for players that have been suspended indefinitely.  Players that do not complete these steps in advance of participating in any league as a full-time/part-time/sub are deemed ineligible players and are not permitted to participate. Team captains that do not enter all players onto the online team roster and ensure all waivers are completed, will have their team removed from the schedule until all players have accepted the invitation to the team roster and completed the above noted process. This includes any planned and/or last-minute substitute players.

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that all participants for their team are eligible to participate on the terms noted above.  Should a team be found to have ineligible player(s) playing, the team they have been found to have played for will automatically forfeit the match with a 1-0 loss recorded for all games played with an ineligible player. The team, team captain and/or the ineligible player may face disciplinary sanctions subject to review by the Urban Rec Discipline Committee, which may include suspension of indefinite duration.

How can you, as a player, ensure you are eligible?

Easy! Just log into your Urban Rec Okanagan account. If your dashboard appears you have completed all the steps to register as a player. To check if you have been added to a roster you can see any teams you are on the roster for under “Your Leagues” or “My Teams” in the app. If you are not listed but should be, ensure you have given the team captain the corresponding email to your active account.