Captain Responsibilities Policy

Captain Responsibilities

As captain it is YOUR responsibility to enforce the policies and rules for your players.

Roster & Fees
Ultimately you have registered and paid for the team spot in one of our leagues and/or tournaments. In turn, it is your responsibility to acquire the minimum amount of players to play on your team. It is your decision on how to split up cost but URO always suggest dividing the price evenly through the amount of players playing. It is not our responsibility to refund any individual players on your team as their paid fee to you is your responsiblity.

Rules & Policies
As these are your invited players to join your team it is your job to ensure they have reviewed our policies in full and have a full understanding of the rules that pertain to your particular needs. If your player is not cabable of following our policies and rules it is your responsibility to manage/police your player. If there is discipline given by Urban Rec Okanagan it is your responsibility to receive the discipline and distribute it to your player(s) as defined in the notice.

Onsite Coverage
If you as captain are either an inactive player on the playing surface and/or on probation, an assisstant captain must be named that will be the “Playing Captain”. The Playing Captain will resume ALL duties expected from the captain onsite before, during and after games. The Playing Captain will be responsible for the Inactive Captain’s actions onsite before, during and after the games.

If a captain – playing or inactive – allows an ineligible player to be onsite the team will automatically forfeit the game and discipline for the captain and ineligible player will be reviewed by our Discipline Committee. Ineligible players are not only players that are suspended but also players that are not listed on a team’s roster with a current waiver completed.