Default Policy

Default Policy

This policy is intended as a deterrent – while it is each team’s prerogative to decide whether or not to play each week, it is our expectation that as part of the agreement we make in allowing your team’s registration, we will allocate a space for your team in return for your team attending and utilizing that space. Our business and the satisfaction of our entire membership are predicated on this agreement being honoured.

Any team that defaults, which is defined as failing to be able to field the minimum required number of players for the sport which is being played.

In the event a team defaults the following steps will be taken:

1. The team will be removed from the schedule for the remainder of the posted schedule for that league until such time as they pay the required default fee.

2. In the event that a team does not pay the required default fee they will be removed from the league without compensation.

3. Required default fees are as follows:

a. 12-14 Week seasons - $100 Click here to pay a $100 Default Fee

b. 9 Week seasons - $100 Click here to pay a $100 Default Fee

c. Ball hockey seasons - $200 Click here to pay a $200 Default Fee

4. Default fees are required to be paid in full no later than 2 business days before the next scheduled game. Fees can be paid via credit card over the phone or via secure web transaction.

5. The default fees collected will be distributed as follows:

a. 40% will be distributed to the team(s) that were defaulted on.

b. 10% will be charged as an administration fee.

c. 50% will be held in trust until the end of the season that the default occurred. If there is no subsequent default the 50% will be refunded in full to the team. If a second default occurs the remaining  $50 is forfeited and a further default fee will need to be submitted. If a third default occurs the team must pay a third fine and will be required to pay a bond upfront of being allowed to play in a league again.

d. This fee must be paid by credit card ONLY or etransfer to [email protected] using urbanrec as the password

6. Default fees that are paid out to teams will be paid by refunding the credit card used to purchase the team registration. In the event that card has expired or changed for some reason, a check will be issued. It is the responsibility of the team captain to distribute any default fees as they deem appropriate.

Urban Rec Okanagan will make every effort to collect all default fees. However in the case that a team does not pay its default fee, they will be removed from the league and banned from further Urban Rec Okanagan participation. In this situation no compensation will be awarded to the teams that were defaulted on.