Acceptable Behaviour Policy

Acceptable Behavior Policy

Urban Rec Okanagan is committed to providing a FUN, ACTIVE & SAFE SOCIAL environment for all of its participants. We encourage everyone to enjoy themselves at all of our activities. Behavior that is offensive to others will not be tolerated. As team captains, you assume the responsibilities for the actions of your team. In the event a member of your team acts inappropriately OR violates an Urban Rec Okanagan policy, the following steps will occur:

  1. Depending on the severity of the behaviour, the individual or team responsible may receive a warning, suspension or explusion from league play.
  1. Should a 2nd occurrence happen (with probation/warnings or suspension), it may result in additional disciplinary measures, which may include further suspension or expulsion from the league, tournament or social function without refund and a subsequent 1 session ban from participating in Urban Rec activities

Urban Rec Okanagan is committed to creating a positive experience for all of its members and will take the necessary steps to ensure that an individual or team does not prevent other teams or individual members from enjoying a positive experience. Email, Social Media, Text and any other communications are included in this policy and all others.