Cancellation Policy

Last update- February, 2021

Occasionally, Urban Rec may have to either cancel or postpone leagues for a variety of reasons (e.g. facility issues, not enough teams, etc.).  In the event that a league is cancelled before the season starts (but not postponed) by Urban Rec, teams will be refunded their league fees in full.  If a league is postponed but is unable to begin play within *60 days of the original start date, then teams would be refunded in full. If the league is able to begin play within 60 days of its original start date, then the Withdrawal Policy would apply to any teams wishing to withdraw from the league. Please note: a league with 3 teams is considered viable and, in most circumstances will NOT be cancelled. Do not worry though, teams will get extra games though double headers vs having a BYE. We don’t want anyone to have to skip a week.

In the event that a league is paused during the season but is able to resume play within 60 days of the date it was paused, teams will still be scheduled for their full complement of games where possible and the season may be extended as a result.  If teams are unable to be scheduled for their full complement of games due to the pause, or the season needs to be cancelled at that point, then teams will have the option of receiving one of the following options:

  • credit for future play worth 100% of the prorated amount for any remaining games that were unable to be played due to league cancellation, OR
  • cash refund worth 70% of the prorated amount for any remaining games that were unable to be played due to league cancellation (the remaining 30% of the pro-rated amount is withheld by Urban Rec to cover the unrecoverable costs associated with the initiation of the league such as participant and facility insurance, staff and equipment.)

Please note that we offer this differentiated policy on cash refund versus credit for future play because we are willing to invest in your future participation despite having incurred unrecoverable costs.  That is to say; if you are willing to invest in our future, we can afford to invest in yours with us in the form of 100 % credit for future play despite the fact that the credit will ultimately cost us money when you put it to use. At least we still have you playing with us at that point.  If you need the cash back, we get it, these are uncertain times, but all we can do is give you the cash that we have left, we can’t give you back the cash that we spent on your behalf in having initiated the league for which you agreed to participate understanding that we would be incurring costs to initiate because we just don’t have that cash to give you, it has been spent. 

Put another way…given the circumstances, we are willing to have done the work of providing these leagues to you for free, and look to the future to make your investment in us whole at our cost in that future, and further into the future with you in having earned your continued business for the long term where we may again earn some form of profit.  We are unwilling, nor do we anticipate anyone would think that we are in any way obligated ethically or legally, to lose money to your benefit having done the work and paid for all that is involved in providing these leagues to you to the extent we have been able, when you yourself are not able or willing to invest in the future of our organization. So we will give you the money we can recover back now, again having worked for free having attempted to provide you this service, and hope that in better times we can earn your business again someday.