Urban Rec asks that any participant who is experiencing symptoms of an illness or have recently been exposed to someone who has a contagious illness, not to participate or go to a venue. If your team is unable to field a viable line up due to this, we completely understand and have the following options available for your team:

1)Urban Rec will remove your team from the schedule for that night of play, plus the following week. This gives your team ample time to rest, recuperate and be ready to join back after your recovery break! It also allows your opponent you were scheduled to play to make up this game as a double header the following week and play in your teams’ place.

2)Your team may choose to pay the Urban Rec Default Compensation Bond which compensates your opponent for their missed game, and remain on the schedule for the following week.

We appreciate teams being cautious and responsible when it comes to these cases, and we appreciate their understanding that in not being able to field a team, they are taking game time away from another team.