Default or Forfeit? How to decide?

We get many questions about if a team can forfeit. We have put an example below to help you make this decision.

  • Attend without at least 1 woman and 1 man – Forfeit
  • Get subs for a playoff game – Forfeit
  • Come with minimal players and borrow from opposing team – Forfeit
  • Grab subs from a previous team and add to roster – Normal Game
  • Call or email to cancel game in advance – DEFAULT FINE applies
  • Not show up and no notice – DEFAULT FINE applies

Opposing teams register to play and hope that as much effort as possible goes into having a team onsite for every match. Receiving the default reimbursement is not balanced with getting to play.

Explain to the players that are bailing on you that your team will be fined $100 if they don’t put in the effort to come or find themselves a sub. We know they will get it figured out!