URO Dodgeball Rules


Match Format

  1. A complete starting lineup consists of 6 players including at least 2 women and 1 man.
    If a team has less than 6 players, the following apply:
    - less than 3 players, it is a default
    - 3 or more players but does NOT have at least 1 woman and 1 man, it is a forfeit and teams should play for fun
    - 3 or more players including at least 1 woman and 1 man, the team can play shorthanded
  2. Spectators and/or teammates in or out of game are not allowed to pass in balls to ongoing game.
  3. Each/every ball retrieved at the opening rush must first be taken beyond the attack line and into the team’s backcourt before it may be legally thrown at an opponent. Feet must be behind line.
  4. The match will be 20 minutes in length starting according to the schedule

A. Supervisor will call out no new games with 1 minute left.

  1. Each team will be allowed one 30-second time out per match
  2. If each team has equal number of remaining players, an overtime period will be played. Sudden death ONLY! 2 vs 2
  3. The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them OUT.

Match/Game Rules


  1. The court shall be marked with sidelines, end lines, attack lines, and a center line with center hash marks (boundaries).
  2. During play, all players must remain within boundary lines.
  3. Players may pass through their end-line ONLY if actively retrieving stray balls. A stray ball is one that has not been picked up and is lying on the ground on your side of the gym only.
  4. When retrieving a ball(s), the player must also immediately re-enter the playing field only through their end-line.


- A player not immediately re-entering the playing area may be declared OUT.

- If the ball you are actively chasing re-enters the playing area you may grab from outside and then re-enter

LIVE (def.): A thrown ball that has not contacted the ground, ceiling, wall or ball on the ground.


  1. A defender attempts to catch a LIVE ball but drops it
  2. Dropping a held ball. Including a ball being dropped as a result of contact by a thrown LIVE ball (usually occurs when a ball is being used to block a thrown ball). Held ball must hit the ground

EXCEPTION TO #1 & 3 - you may drop the ball to catch a ball BUT if you miss the ball you are out.

  1. Your opponent catching a LIVE ball the opposing team threw at them or off a deflection of another teammate’s body or held ball. Ball may not be caught off the wall.
  2. Stepping out of bounds - See Boundaries.
  3. Player deflects a thrown ball into himself or a teammate and it is not caught.
  4. Players must throw the ball forward across the center line; if the player passes the ball to another member of the team they are eliminated.
  5. A player may not touch more than 1 ball at any one time.
  6. Teammate deflects ball into you


  1. Only 1 person can be out from a single ball. The last person that is hit by ball would be out not the first. Ie. Ball hits player 1 then hits player 2 and drops to the ground. Player 2 is out.
  2. You may not play the ball with your feet, this includes but is not limited to, keeping the ball from rolling to the other side or kicking a ball to a teammate.
  3. All eliminated players must remain in order of elimination in designated player return zone. They may not interfere with any balls while declared OUT.
  4. Eliminated players may re-enter the court when:
    1. A new game starts.

b. If a throw of any ball from the opposing team is caught by a fellow teammate. Only one eliminated team member reenters at the time of a caught ball (First OUT, First IN).

  1. Players are NOT allowed to PURPOSELY squeeze the balls so that they impact the shape of the balls. Players that squeeze the balls will be eliminated at the EC’s discretion. This action significantly shortens the life of the balls and gives an unfair advantage as the balls tends to move very differently.
  2. Balls must be thrown over the head or side throw. NO Spinning or kicking.
  3. A player may not pass a ball to another player on their own team.

HEAD SHOTS – Definition: a direct throw from an opponent that hits the head or face (not any other portion of the body including neck)

A Head shot will result in a “NON PLAY” and everyone is still in the game.

If there is a head shot, there will be a stoppage in play until a player is checked.

NOTE:  if a person is hit with multiple balls, and one hits the head, they are still out. the only NON PLAY ball is the one that hit the head. If balls hit the player after the head shot, they don't count as the play was stopped.
Adversley, if a person catches a Ball A but is hit in the head with Ball B at the same time, the player that threw Ball A is out, but not if the caught ball is after the head shot.

EXCEPTION – the EC determines a player is being unsportsmanlike.