URO Basketball Rules

Urban Rec Coed Basketball Rules

Match/Game Rules

1. Teams are comprised of 5 players with at least 2 women and 1 man on the court to play with a full roster. All players should bring a dark shirt and a light shirt to all games. No grey. Teams should decide, prior to the start of the game, one team is dark and the other light.

2. A match will consist of two 25 minute halves with a 2 minute break between halves. If games are delayed in starting, this time will be adjusted accordingly at the discretion of the supervisor.

3. Teams will only call fouls committed by their own players. Players will not call the fouls against their opponents. If a player neglects to call their own fouls, their team captain will be responsible for calling these fouls on their player’s behalf.

4. Substitutions can be made “on-the-fly”. Rotate players at your discretion. Sub in on the offensive only before the ball has crossed half court.

5. Games start with a jump ball, with either the Event Coordinator, or another team member, tossing the ball. Fouls are called by either offense or defense.

6. Start play with a throw in after a foul

7. There is no over and back.

8. All other standard basketball regulations apply.