Individual Player FAQ's

If I want to join with a friend(s) can we be on the same team?
Absolutely! As long as there is space on the team upon registering. Just ensure you both register for the same team and you will be together on the roster.

What does it mean to register as an individual?
We make individual registration teams for people who don’t have a team of their own. Once they register for the sport/night they prefer they are instantly put onto that team’s roster along with other individuals. As long as the team becomes viable (enough players including enough women and men) they are added to the roster. The only exception is if the league spots fill before the individual team is considered viable!

How do I know if the team will move forward?
A team’s viability is all based on how many players have registered including enough women and men. Limits are set by Urban Rec but you can always check the team roster through your Member Dashboard to see if you have enough.

If the individual team doens’t move forward will I get a full refund?
YES! We will always try to see if there is another team that could use you as a player but if we cant’ find another spot for you, we will send you a full refund to the method payment used when registering.

Can I speak to the other players on the team before registering?
Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to release any member information. Once you register for a team, you will have the ability to communiticate with your teammates through the website dashboard.

Can I try the team out before registering to see if it’s a good match?
Unfortunately, no. Registration will only remain open as long as space on the team is available, and most of our teams fill very quickly. If you wait until the league starts, you will likely be too late to even register for the team. Additionally, in order to participate in any Urban Rec league, you must be an Urban Rec member and must be listed on the team roster. There are no “drop-ins”. This is a requirement of our insurance company.

What if I need to cancel my registration?
When you register for a team, it is a commitment. If your plans have changed and you are unable to play in the league, please contact Urban Rec to let us know as soon as possible. As per our Refund Policy, we are only able to cancel your registration and provide you with a partial refund of your fees if we are able to resell your spot on a team. If your spot sells prior to the start of a season, we will refund your registration fees minus a $25 administrative fee. If the season has already started and/or your spot does not sell until later in the season, you will be refunded your registration fee minus the cost of however many weeks have passed until your spot has sold and the $25 administrative fee. If we are unable to sell your spot, we are unable to provide you with a refund.

Do I need any equipment?
All sports equipment will be provided for you, with the exception of personal sports gear (such as running shoes, cleats, or shin pads) and personal softball equipment (gloves and bats). Personal protection and equipment is completely up to you as a participant. All other equipment, such as balls, sticks, and nets, will be provided.

I see that a team is sold out/I don’t see a team. Will you open another individual team for registration?
If you do not see a team listed for registration in the league of your choice, the league either does not offer individual registration or the team is already full. If an individual team did exist and has been filled, there may be a chance we can open a second individual team. Second individual teams are typically only opened if we receive feedback that they are needed. Please contact Urban Rec if you do not see the individual team you are hoping for. Even if we are unable to open a new individual team, we may be able to connect you with an existing team that may need players.