1. Coed 6’s - A complete starting lineup consists of 6 players including a minimum of 2 women and 1 man.
  2. Regular play:
    1. 1 hour time slot will consist of 1 match of 4 games per week. (21/21/21/15) Games are all rally point, win by 2 points, cap at 23 and 17
    2. Doubleheader nights will consist of 2 matches per night. Best of 3 (21/21/15) games are rally point, win by 2 points, cap at 23/23/17
  3. The final weeks will be play-offs. The format for the playoffs will be as follows:
    1. Each match will be a best-of-3 (25/25/25). Games will be to 25 points capped at 27. If time expires during the 3rd game, whichever team is winning at that point will win the match (no 5-point minimum required)
    2. If time expires during the 2nd game, then total points scored in the 2 games to that point will determine the winner of the match.
  4. If there is a dispute on a call, re-serve the play. Contact an Event Coordinator for clarification of rules after the match is completed.
  5. No libero allowed in Urban Rec Coed leagues regardless of skill level

Note that the above details are generic Indoor Volleyball rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.