Urban Rec Okanagan 2-Pitch Rules

Match Format

  1. Maximum of 10 players on the field of which a maximum of 6 can be male (i.e. 6 males and 4 females). 6 In-fielders and 4 Fielders. There must be a minimum of 1 female player in the outfield and 1 female player in the infield.

To avoid forfeit a team needs a minimum of 7 total players including a minimum of 1 of any gender. For example, if you have 7 players but only 1 female, your team will play 3 players short and the missing players will be an automatic out at the beginning of the line-up. If a team of at least 7 players cannot be fielded within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time the game will be recorded as a 1-0 victory for the non-forfeiting team and the forfeiting team will be subject to the Urban Rec DEFAULT POLICY to compensate the other team. At this point it is encouraged that the teams redistribute players and just play for fun.

  1. Games are limited to 80 minutes in length to ensure all games are completed. No new inning may start after 65 minutes; teams are responsible for watching the time to ensure they don’t bump the games following them. If a game reaches the 80-minute limit then the game will be called and the score will revert back to the previous completed inning.

  1. Only wood or single wall aluminum bats may be used. Trappers can only be used at 1st base or by the catcher. Keep all equipment off the playing field when not in use. NO METAL SPIKES, will result as a forfeit game, or lose bond.
  2. All ten players must bat each inning. All runs are counted until the 10th batter has been put out. The 10th batter can only be put out by tagging a base in front of him or her. You cannot tag the 10th batter.
  3. The batter receives only 2 pitches and must hit a fair ball within those 2 pitches or he or she is out. If the batter hits the pitcher with the ball or the pitcher interferes with the play, the batter is out.
  4. Your own pitcher pitches to you from the pitcher’s mound.
  5. If a foul or tipped ball is caught then the batter is out.
  6. The fielders cannot throw the ball directly to 1st base or the OUT will not count. Only the 6 designated infielders may put a player out at 1st base.
  7. Ball must go to your pitcher to stop play.
  8. Runners can run to the next bag on a fly ball without tagging up. If the ball is caught, all players will walk back to their bases. If the ball is not caught it is live and can put out a player, so players must be careful to judge the ball.
  9. Ties on bases will be determine by one Rock, Paper, Scissor
  10. On all overthrows out of play, the runner advances one base from the last base the runner tagged. This does not count in the case of the 10th batter.
  11. ABSOLUTELY NO SLIDING. Safety bag must be used at 1st base.
  12. All substitutions must be made at the beginning of the inning. You must bat in the same order. No bunting, chopping, stealing or lead offs. A lead off is when the runner leaves the base before the ball makes contact with the bat. (This includes lifting foot off base)
  13. All games 7 innings.
  14. The batter must make it to 1st base before a pinch runner can run for him or her.
  15. There is a 20-foot commitment line from home plate towards third base. Once you cross this line you are committed to go home. The catcher just has to tag home plate not the runner.
  16. Any player running home will automatically be out if they touch home plate.

Note that the above details are generic Slo-Pitch rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.