Penticton Coed 6 Vball - Wednesday- Winter 2023 Rules


Match Format

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 2 players of each gender on the court to play a full line up (a full starting lineup consists of 6 players (either 3/3 or 2/4). 
    • If a team only has 1 member of either gender, they can play with 3-5 people on the court with a maximum of 4 members of the opposite gender (either 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2).
    • The minimum number of players with 1 of either gender is 3 meaning the format would be 2/1.
    • If a team has 3 or more players but 0 of a gender they forfeit the match.
    • If a team has less than 3 players,  it defaults the match.
    • Teams have 10 minutes to have the minimuim 3 on the court or they default the match. If a team doesn’t start play within 10 minutes but does have players they automatically lose the first game of the match.

      NOTE: if a team consistently attends with less than 6 players their status in the league will be reviewed and they could be asked to leave the league and/or forfeit all games. We are a coed 6 league which means we expect all teams to do their best to arrive with 6 eligible players.
  2. If there is a dispute on a call, re-serve the play. Ask the Game Supervisor for clarification of rules after the match is completed.
  1. Regular play:
    1. 1 hour time slot will consist of 1 match of 4 games per week. (21/21/21/15) Games are all rally point, win by 2 points, cap at 23/23/23/17. Win percentage will be what the standings are based on.

i. If time expires while teams are playing the 4th game, at least one of the teams must have reached 5 points for the game to count. Otherwise only 3 games will be reported . Combined points will not be used during the regular season matches to determine a winner.

  1. Playoff Format:

i. Each matches will be 3 games (25/25/25).

ii. If time expires during the 3rd game and 5 points has not been reached, then total points scored in the 3 games to that point will determine the winner of the match.


  1. URO balls must be used unless approval is given by both the GS and opposing team captain.
  2. A second set of clean court shoes must be worn on the court

Game Rules

  1. All balls must be hit cleanly. No scooping or carrying the ball. Only off of a driven ball may a ball may be double hit (i.e. off arm and head in one continuous motion).
  2. Contact with the net in any way constitutes loss of point. A player that goes under the net but does not contact the net, or is not a part of the play is okay.
  3. A served ball may not be blocked or attacked directly back over the net.
  4. When a player blocks a driven ball and comes onto their own team’s side the block does not count as a hit towards the three hit limit.
  5. The ball can hit any part of the body.
  6. Players may not chase balls into other courts. Yell “BALL” so that players are aware of the danger.