• Scheduling: Teams will play 1 game each week. Some teams MAY be scheduled into double headers. The schedule will be as balanced as possible with regards to early and late games.  
  • Reseeding: Teams may be reseeded as a result of competitive balance requirements throughout the season as warranted at Urban Rec’s sole discretion. 
  • Rules: Please review the rules before the season with your team to avoid any confusion.  The rules are located online and can be accessed by going to your dashboard (click on Members in the upper-right corner and then on Dashboard).
  • Uniforms: Please make sure you wear the same colour shirt as the rest of your team. Any players wearing a different coloured shirt might be asked to leave.  The league does not supply shirts or jerseys.
  • Equipment: only Urban Rec-supplied sticks and balls may be used.  Goalies are required to wear a helmet/facemask with full facial protection.  Goalies may wear ice hockey pads if they choose.
  • Subbing: Can be done on the fly except for the goalie (must wait for a stop in play to change the goalie).
  • Fouls: Please call your own fouls. Games are self-refereed.  Participants are responsible for calling their own fouls- please err on the side of good sportsmanship.

Note that the above details are generic Floor Hockey rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.