1. Play is 4-on-4 plus a goalie. Teams require at least 3 players plus a goalie in order to not default and receive a fine.

2. Games are 50 minutes long (continuous run time); consisting of two 25 minute halves with a 2 minute break between. The length of the halves and the break may be reduced at the discretion of the referee. Any default games will be recorded as a 1-0, on the score sheet, victory for the team that shows up.

3. Game times start at on the hour sharp! (Check your schedule), please be at the facility and ready 10 minutes before the start of your game.

4. Teams that cannot field a team with 10 minutes of their start time will automatically get a default fine. At the time it is encouraged that the teams mix the teams and play a fun game. Players who arrive late are allowed to play; however, the default will not be reversed once a team has enough players to field a team.

5. If two or more teams are tied in the standings at season's end, the 1st tie-breaker will be the team with the most wins. The 2nd tie-breaker will be the team with the highest goals total (GF) for the season. And the 3rd tie-breaker will be the head-to-head results.

6. To be eligible to play in any Urban Rec league all players must have signed an online waiver. Players that do not sign an online waiver will not be issued membership cards and will not be allowed to play. Teams that do not fill out the online team rosters by the end of week 2 will be removed from the schedule until they do so and all players have signed the waiver.

7. Playoffs Eligibility – all players must have played a minimum of 4 games over the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs. A team using an ineligible player will automatically forfeit the game. If a player shows up that is not on the team roster they will not be allowed to play regardless if they played or subbed during the regular season. All players must be on the roster even if they are subs.

Note that the above details are generic Ball Hockey rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.