Ball Hockey

Player/Team Experience

  • Any member must not be in attendance if they, or anyone in their household, or anyone with they have had contact within the last fourteen days has to their knowledge experienced any symptoms known or understood or suspected to be linked to the COVID-19 Virus. This include, but are not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness/difficulty breathing, and any other symptoms published by any authority of the provincial health ministry for BC.
  • Any member must not be in attendance if they, or anyone in their household, or anyone with they have had contact with have travelled to or from or had a layover in any country outside of Canada in the past fourteen days.
  • When not on playing surface, players of same and opposing teams must try to maintain physical distancing.

Officiating Staff

  • Officiating staff have a right to feel safe and lead the games with an acknowledgement of COVID rules as long as done in a fair manner.
  • ANY officiating staff, including the score keeper, has the right to give any player (on or off the playing surface) a penalty that is listed in the rules OR for any actions that are in direct conflict with URO policies, code of conduct or seen as COVID regulations and impacting safety of others.


  • Players may only arrive to Central 10 min before their scheduled game times and may not congregate in parking lot with ANY other players – even from own team.
  • Players must enter through designated entrance (closest to office).
  • When players arrive inside, they must remain in foyer in specific AWAY and HOME areas until all other teams have left the floor through the designated exit door.
  • Players may only enter the playing area after onsite coordinator admits participants to designated areas after asking 4 COVID health questions.
    • a.       Have you experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 (which may include but not be limited to fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, painful swallowing, loss of sense of smell) over the last 5 days?
    • b.       Have you travelled to any country outside Canada within the last 14 days?
    • c.       Have you provided care, or had contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19, in the last 5 days?
    • d.       Do you have any reason to believe that the answers to the questions above are inaccurate or untruthful, understanding that their accuracy and truthfulness are the basis upon which we can all play safely, and further understanding the indemnity provisions agreed to by all Urban Rec participants during the registration process?

  • It is recommended that participants come dressed to play. Teams may leave their belongings in their designated areas, and put their indoor sport shoes on at the side of facility, not locker room.
  • Locker Room #1 will be open for goalies who may arrive 20 minutes in advance of game time to change. ONLY goalies of same cohort may share room.

Field/Equipment Set-Up:

  • Urban Rec balls will be provided for each match
    • Balls will be sanitized before each match, and at the completion of each game or if the equipment was assumed to have gotten droplets on it.
  • Teams must supply their own goalie equipment. Sharing is not permitted

All Games Play Rules:

  • See adapted Ball Hockey rules on Member Dashboard.
  • Throughout the game, subs must try to stay at designated spaces in bench area to social distancing maximum 12 players/people on bench. No spectators
  • To limit exposure to other participants, players may only participate in one specific cohort per night.
    • Teams may not pick-up players from other teams on the same night unless from the same cohort.
  • All Urban Rec leagues are non-contact, however brief periods of intermittent/accidental contact will be permitted as per the most recent Phase 3 update published by viaSport.
  • NO SPITTING on the court or benches.
  • Players must remove all of their belongings from the bench, lost and found items will be discarded as they cannot be safely stored.
  • Disposable bottles must be placed in the recycling cans located at the exit side of both benches.
  • No food or drink on the benches other than water bottles.

Game Completion:

  • At the end of the game, teams should not huddle and do three cheers, however they may choose to give a cheer to their opponent from a distance.
  • Teams will not shake hands upon completion of the game
  • Participants will have to leave the play area immediately upon completion of their game
    • They must exit with accordance to the departure plan
    • ABSOLUTELY NO CONGREGATING IN PARKING LOT or team could be removed from schedule with no refund for season